Lorenzo Bracciale

Lorenzo Bracciale

Assistant Professor of Computer Communications

University of Rome "Tor Vergata"


I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. My research interests are distributed systems, data privacy, eHealth. I apply cryptographic and machine learning algorithms to problems in different verticals. Currently, I teach Fundamentals of Computer Science, Web Technology, Digtal Health and Network Softwarization. I like to create digital solutions used by thousands of users with technological startups.

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  • Distributed Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Digital Health
  • PhD in Telecommunication Engineering and Microelectronics, 2010

    University of Rome ""Tor Vergata""

  • MEng in Telecommunication Engineering, 2006

    University of Rome ""Tor Vergata""

  • BSc in Telecommunication Engineering, 2003

    University of Rome ""Tor Vergata""

Research experience

  • 2011 - Visiting scholar at RLE at MIT, Boston, MA. He worked on partial data coding.
  • 2012 - Research Fellow (RTD-A), University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • 2015 - Visiting scholar at Trinity College, Dublin, IE. He worked on privacy preserving recommending systems.
  • 2016 - Joined a research project with Galápagos National Park for the conservation of Pink Iguanas. He took part in two two-month expeditions to work in the field with engineers and biologists. He worked on embedded systems and on satellite connectivity in remote areas.
  • 2015 - Joined the EU Japan research project ICN2020 on Information Centric Networks. He worked on the performance evaluations of ICN.
  • 2018 - Unit Technical Coordinator of H2020 EU project BPR4GDPR, where he led the WP on Privacy Enhancing Technologies.
  • 2022 - Assistant Professor (RTD-B), University of Rome Tor Vergata


Smart mobility solutions
Medical practice management software